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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need to provide you with prescription in order to make purchase thru your website?

No, It's not mandatory to make purchase through our website

How do you make the delivery?

The delivery is made via FedEx and UPS as it is considered to be the fastet delivery in our country so don't worry about that, we also have urgent delivery option.

Do I need to have the product prescribed in order to make purchase or talk to any doctor?

No, We've doctors' panel also so you can directly call us or choose the product on our website and place order, once the order is placed our representative will contact you.

Do you provide money back in case there is some issue with the product or the packet delivered?

Yes we provide 100% money back in case the product is damaged or not the one you ordered for.

It's not said to be safe to purchase online?

No worry about that you can call us for any confustion the number provided on our website or write us email at

What is the timing to place an order?

We're working 24*7 so any time you can place the order.

In case we don't wish you to mention our name in your record how will you help us?

Don't worry about that as whatever information you leave on our website can be seen only by authorized person after that will remain with the company only.

How can I make the payment?

All mode of payment are accepted here so don't worry about that like credit card, paypal, debit card, cash on deliver etc