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buy oxycodone 30mg

Oxycodone is a pain killer prescribed by doctors in case of severe pain which happens in most of the cases after an operation or serious injury. It is also used to cure in such situation other pain killers have stopped working.

Oxynorm and Oxycontin are brand name for Oxycodone. Oxycodone works by stopping pain indication to the brain which makes the person feel relaxed. People tend to fall in addiction of it so it is advised to visit to doctor to know the symptoms of falling in addiction category.


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Common side effecfs of using Oxycodone are feeling inactive, sick, sleepy all the time, stomach problem like constipation etc.

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Oxycodone needs to be avoided if person have lungs problem, kidney or liver problems, asthama, have addiction of alcohol, gone thru any surgery, blood pressure, in pregnency or feeding to baby etc.

In case of serious problems the dose of oxycodone may go up so it is advised to be in touch with doctors because they know how to lower down the dose and help you to be addictive of it.

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